Design / manufacture of electronic systems / modules

Our design office develops, designs and manufactures custom electronic systems and subassemblies.

MID ELECTRONIQUE develops, designs and manufactures custom electronic systems / subassemblies.

Our Design Office carries out your projects according to the following methodology:

1 - Definition / Specifications

Our design office can study your specifications or define it from zero. The specifications can be written by our technical services according to the specificities requested or designed by your technical services and revised by us to study the feasibility.

2 - Proposal for a technical solution

Our proposal includes several elements as technology used, obsolescence treatment aspects, necessary hardware tools, regulatory aspects and safety delays, etc

3 - Presentation of the project

A project is presented to you with possibility to bring modifications or add new ones that was not included to the initial specifications.

4 - Realization of a prototype

Our technical team creates a prototype in accordance with the final validated specifications.

5 - Test phase

A test/qualification phase of the prototype (planned in the initial specifications) is setted up to check if the product meets all the requirements of the Specifications.

6 - Mass production (optional)

Serial production starts once the test phase is over and the prototype is validated by your technical services.

Our guarantees

  • Ability to work according strict regulatory standards.
  • Provision of technical data.
  • Implementation of prototyping.
  • Control of electronic components obsolescence.
  • Possibility to set up a specific quality system to meet your requirements.
  • MOC (Maintenance in Operational Conditions) and after-sales services.

Our human resources:

  • A dedicated design office managed by 2 engineers.
  • Routing with eagle or orcad tools.
  • Labview development tools.

Our certifications:

Examples of design / manufacture of electronic systems:

Discover our other services:



- Cloning of electronic boards or subassemblies.
- Feasibility study.
- Re-industrialization of obsolete equipment.



- Obsolete spare parts sourcing, identification and qualification of stocks.
- Sale of reconditioned or new industrial electronic spare part, obsolete or recent.



- MOC (Maintenance in Operational Conditions) of industrial electronic systems.
- Study and set up of sustainability plan.
- Obsolescence monitoring of electronic components and COTS.



- Repair of all types and all brands of electronic systems/equipment: display, instrumentation and control system, specific system and power electronics.